Collaboration With Cheez-Its!
05 Feb

Collaboration With Cheez-Its!

Perfect Squares – A Lesson Full of Fun, Factors, and Food.


Students make their own perfect squares!

Earlier in the school year Ms. DeKraker and Ms. Venegas co-taught an interactive and hands on class for their 8th grade students. The two math classes are offered at the same time and when ever possible, Ms. Venegas and Ms. DeKraker collaborate on curriculum and class projects. Students from both Algebra and Pre-Algebra worked together to solve perfect squares. Students used Cheez-its to demonstrate understanding of square roots.  By  creating “Squares” out of the square Cheez-its, students were able to visualize how to solve a perfect square and to find the square root of a number. Math is always more fun when it is interactive….and especially more fun when food is involved!


Working together to solve a perfect square.


A perfect 10!!