“Start it up!” A soundtrack into history
11 Apr

“Start it up!” A soundtrack into history

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Click to View “Start it up” Video- TVS 5th Grade

This week the 5th graders “Started it up” with an exciting song focused on the 13 Colonies. Students are in the midst of their 13 colonies Unit and have been working all week on a group research project focused on one of the thirteen original colonies. We “Started” this song tradition last year and had great feedback from the students about how engaging and easy to learn it was. Song’s are not only a fun way to add some excitement to our lessons but also assists students with making connections to their learning and serve as a learning tool to assist their content knowledge.

The article “Integrating Music in History Education” explains how the use of song and music can bring life to history education. It states that “our children’s natural desire to make sense of their world can be enhanced through the appreciation and application of popular media as a pedagogical tool.”  Using this strategy by integrating media/songs is one of the many examples of how our STEAM philosophy is able to positively influence the learning opportunities for our students. As a teacher its a great way to “Start-up” their social studies learning and bring excitement to the classroom.

Link to brief overview of “Integrating Music into History Education” Article