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Odyssey of the Mind is an international program for students from kindergarten to college that challenges students to use creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork to prepare a solution to an open ended problem.  Students are given criteria for 1 of 5 problem types.  They must develop a solution that meets all of the criteria in a creative way and solve the problem in 8 minutes.  The problem types are mechanical/vehicle, technical performance, classics, structure and performance.  The 5 to 7 member student team builds, writes, designs, performs and creates without help from any people outside of their team.  Students present their solutions at a Regional Competition in early spring.  There is a possibility that a team can advance to State and World competitions.

The students also compete at the same time in a spontaneous problem.  Students are given a question that they need to answer in a few minutes.  Students may have a question that is only verbal or one that requires them to use props, an example would be two paper plates are sitting on the table.  Students are given 1 minute to think of uses for the 2 plates and then given 3 minutes to present their solutions.  The goal is to be creative and humorous in the answers, not just say they are two plates for dinner.

Testimonial from a student:

"For me Odyssey of the Mind was an awesome experience.  Not only was it a great learning experience, it was super fun.  I got a chance to work with all my friends and have a great time.  When it came around to competition time it didn’t even matter how well we did, we were just having such a great time.  Doing Odyssey was amazing and I’m so glad I did."

Cydney Harms

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