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A foreign language class is not required. Meets 3 days a week. ¡Exprésate! Level 1 curriculum will take your child on a tour of the Spanish-speaking world with engaging resources that will balance communication, grammar, cultural instruction and motivation that inspire learning. This program has an easy to use format that allows learners to achieve success and be very well prepared for future courses in Spanish. Prior knowledge of the language is not required to take this class.

At the Village School, through learning of the Spanish language, students gain a deeper understanding of their first language and enhance their understanding and enjoyment of cultures. They gain insights into other ways of thinking and other views of the world. It also develops skills that students can use and enjoy in work and leisure throughout their life.
Our main goal is to provide our students with engaging resources that will balance effectively in communication, grammar, cultural instruction and motivation to inspire learning the Spanish Language as a lifelong skill in a bilingual world. This is to be achieved in a safe environment with strong Christian values.
Our Spanish Curriculum emphasizes communication by integrating the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through a variety of presentations including music, rhythm, movement, and visual aids.
Instruction is presented using the whole brain learning approach with students actively involved from the earliest ages. To develop students’ communicative skills, they are provided programs that assist them in acquiring and refining the ability to speak/converse, read, and write primarily the Spanish language.
As a result of research in brain development it is known that children have the capacity to learn languages easily beginning at a very early age. For this reason, the students beginning in Kindergarten through 1st grade have multicultural and basic Spanish lessons once a week. Students’ grades 1st to 4th have a more intense approach to the Spanish language with class meeting twice a week. In Middle School, students take Spanish from two to five times a week.  Students who have participated in The Village School program from the earliest ages have typically developed excellent verbal, reading and writing skills in Spanish by 8th grade.
Middle School students have the opportunity to take Spanish at a High School level, enabling them to earn a High School Credit in Spanish by the end of grade 8th.

CLASS PROJECTS LINKS: "The Making of Cascarones" "Celebrating The Day of the Dead." Making Cascarones (8th Graders) Chopped at TVS (8th graders) STEAM Project (Spanish Level 1) Another STEAM Project (Spanish Level 1)

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