13 Jan

Marjorie Pesek

Marjorie Pesek created and perfected her unique technique of Layered Imagery for over 28 years.  Throughout her career, she has created inspirational works for collectors in Europe and throughout the United States, as well as for Disney World and Warner Brothers.

Layered Imagery is Marjorie’s technique where she hand-assembles hundreds of photographic images into a single detailed work of art.  Each piece takes several intensive weeks to create, a passionate process of making sense out of chaos. At first glance, the portrait appears to be an oil painting until one gets closer to discover hidden images, often those of the subject itself or other beloved pets or family members.  The interaction brings a sense of joy and pride to the collector and viewer.

The majority of Marjorie’s work are commissioned portraits of people, dogs, cats, horses, and landscapes.  “Many of my collectors say that to live with an original art piece of mine is to see something different in it each time they look at it.”