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Greetings, Parent of an awesome kid
(or two, or three, …)!

Notice something different about us? We’ve been working on our image! I think our new style really reflects the inspirational programming and vision that Educational Entertainment creator, Mr. Glen the Science Guy, has evolved over 15 years in SWFL!
What do you think?

BTW, Summer Camp enrollment is open!
It’s been such a great school year and finally it’s time again for Silly-Slime Assembly Line, Roaring Rocket Launches, Hovering High on Hover Crafts, and loads more! Our outstanding Camp programs are hosted from June 4th – August 3rd at these 3 SUPER SCIENCE locations ( you can follow the links to register by location):

  1. Norris Center of Naples (Search for “Super Science”)
  2. The Village School of Naples (Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy)
  3. Cape Coral’s Four Freedoms Park (Search for “Super Science”)

Here’s a glace at our awesome & newly improved camps:

– This is not your ordinary kitchen! Create concoctions that ooze, pop and fizz! Experiment with chemical changes as we bake, freeze, mix and enjoy your kitchen creations!

– All kinds of cool chemistry experiments start with items that can be found in your own kitchen. Campers will have the chance to experiment in the coolest (and often the messiest) camp that SSAA offers!

– Engineering concepts are put to the test. Apply your ideas to hands-on projects and real-world practice. Tackle problems, test theories and ultimately learn to think like engineers.

– Launch rockets, create a Mars landscape. Learn to live in the harsh environment in this week-long space simulation. Eat space food, design land rovers and return home safely.

– Live on the edge of tech with these breakthrough technologies. Test pilot new gadgets that are impacting our lives now and examine what the future holds!

– Every kid loves to build and break stuff. So why not take them to a place where they can do both while getting a good grasp on some of those STEAM skills? Open ended projects that can turn into just about anything.

– Want a camp that has it all? This is it! Mix of all the best activities and experiments. Great games, creative crafts, low tech builds and high-tech gadgets. Kids grow everyday with the power of play!

Register now!

  • Chemistry basics with the Scientific Method
  • We do Chemistry Tricks that look like magic!
  • Gumdrop Molecules and Elephant’s Toothpaste
  • Food Chemistry: make edible goodies
  • Big Reactions – Ziploc Pop and Borax Crystals
  • Slimy Polymer and Magic Mud

  • Rocket launch challenges
  • Eat space ice cream
  • Zero Gravity balloon races
  • Water balloons and gyroscopes
  • Learn about hydroponics and grow your own edible plants
  • Float on our hover disk as if you’re on the moon and much-much more

  • Create your own world using Augmented Reality, AR
  • Design 3D toys you can print
  • Harness the power of the sun for creative projects
  • Play with Robots
  • Toys of the Future and the future of play
  • Future Tech Conference

  • Food Chemistry: No bake recipes
  • Simple Sweets treats everyday
  • Elementary advanced Chemistry
  • New Slime Experiments
  • Brand new messy projects in our “kitchen” not yours!

  • Engineering Games and Challenges
  • Explore opportunities in Engineering
  • Make Slime
  • Make things spin, buzz and light up while learning about circuits
  • World’s Fair

  • Learn about Circuitry
  • Design with an artistic flair
  • Use art to improve design
  • Open ended projects with no limits outside of your imagination
  • Take toys apart and see how they work

  • Learn all the show stoppers
  • Dry Ice: Make it snow
  • Slime and Chemistry fun
  • Hovercraft demonstrations
  • Fun and friendly team challenges
  • The big stage show: Present all the coolest experiments to friends and family