Middle School Curriculum

The school’s philosophy, guiding principles, expectations and values are the same for all grades at The Village School. However, because experience and research shows that adolescents differ from elementary age children in reasoning, interests, and physical, social and emotional development, it was realized that the curriculum would differ in organization, content, and instruction. 

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Language Arts

Reading, writing, structure, spelling and speaking are integrated in the Language Arts program. Writing and literature are foundations of the curriculum. The Writers’ Workshop from first draft through publishing is fully implemented. Students experience all forms of writing. Literature involves studying all genres. Students respond to the literature orally, in writing, in debate and in drama.

Language arts and social studies teachers collaborate to integrate their curriculum. Students in language arts classes read and write about the topic being studied for the social studies timeline. The cues on timelines provide opportunities for students to read and write about the social studies topic.



Students work to grasp a deeper understanding of math concepts in the world around them as our teachers instruct through different learning styles to meet the student’s needs.  They incorporate technology, manipulatives, games, independent practice and small group instruction to improve critical thinking in the area of mathematics while showing the connection to their daily life.  Students in 8th grade have the opportunity to take high school Algebra I for credit.


Social Studies

An important goal for middle school social studies is that students can make connections between the social science disciplines and skills so that they will see relationships between events, time and places.

The curriculum is presented as a four year study. By the end of two years, students will have begun two timelines, an American History timeline and a World History timeline, which record events, people, places and times. Creative cues designed to help students recall the event are added for each entry on the timeline. These timelines are a work in progress for the entire middle school years.



Our goal in middle school is to engage students and share our passion for science in a nurturing environment that guides them to realize that learning can be exciting. Teachers share knowledge from all core classes so students can understand how science is weaved throughout their everyday lives.  They also provide real-world projects and opportunities to work on complex science texts that prepare our students for deeper understanding of topics in Earth Space, Physical and Life Sciences as well as Engineering.  Experiments allow students to use the scientific method and learn the process of writing a proper lab report.  Students build a strong foundation for science and are well prepared to enter high school to tackle the curriculum at the next level.

Our Electives