Our History


It started with a Preschool…

The Preschool was established as “The Caring Place” at the North Naples United Methodist Church as an outreach mission in 1985. It began as a mother’s morning out program and has since developed into a preschool program providing extended child care for children ages infants through pre-kindergarten. As the name implies, the main purpose of the Preschool is to provide loving, quality care to pre-school children of the community. The staff is committed to giving you the security of knowing you have a good choice for the care of your child. The school enrolls children from many backgrounds. The teachers work to develop the children’s understanding of God by creating a warm and caring environment while at the same time providing for their everyday needs.

In early 2006, the Preschool and The Village School became one entity using the name The Village School to represent all children from infants through the 8th grade.

Accredited in 2006…

The Village School was accredited by The Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) in 2006. FCIS is a professional education association founded in 1954 with its main purpose to establish high standards for nonpublic schools. At the same time, the Preschool was accredited by the Florida Kindergarten Council, which was founded in 1968 dedicated to maintaining high standards in preprimary schools and kindergartens throughout the state of Florida.

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