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Explore Creative Pursuits

My Brain While Playing and Listening to Music

400 600 creative pursuits-sydney“While playing and listening to music my brain feels so alive. I feel like my whole body is moving even though it is really only my fingers. I have been fascinated by music since young age, my mom bought me a little toy keyboard that I used to play with when I was about five and all my elementary school teachers would tell my mom about how fascinated I was by music class and how I actually learned better when I was surrounded by music. When I moved to Florida and started attending The Village School I was so happy that I was fortunate enough to get to experience piano lessons. Ever since I have started playing piano, the Performing Arts Program has greatly expanded. I remember way back when I used to take piano classes in one of the smaller rooms in the church and now we have a whole room dedicated towards music lessons. When I’m at home and practicing I go into a zone where I’m very focused on what I’m playing and not even thinking of anything but the music in front of me. The same goes for at school during my lesson; there can be other students in the separate rooms singing or playing guitar and I just tune them out because my brain is so focused on what I’m playing. I feel energetic inside my head and alive and my fingers communicate all the way to brain and sometimes I don’t even have to think, other times I just blank out because I have been concentrating so hard. On my MI test it states that I am 75% musical. I always am surrounded by music, when I’m not at a voice lesson, rehearsal for Into the Woods ( the show I’m currently in), or practicing piano, I always have music playing. When I’m doing homework, or cleaning my room music makes my brain feel awake and helps me do whatever task I’m trying to complete so much easier and even enjoyable. I love playing songs that I know and love or hear on the radio on the piano. Last year for the end of the year piano recital I played Roar by Katy Perry which was a very popular song at the time. I remember just sitting at the piano one day and just playing around with the keys and staring to play Roar, then I looked up the sheet music and decided to play it for the recital. For me it is actually easier to hear music and play it on the piano rather than read sheet music. When I’m practicing and doubting that it sounds right I sometimes look up someone playing the same song that I’m playing and when I hear it my brain clicks into place and understands what I’m playing and makes me play so much more confidently. Studies show that people who are very musical are great in language arts but sometimes have a hard time in math. That is very true for me, I’m getting much better at math throughout the years, but have always been very good at reading comprehension, spelling, and always an above average reader. I enjoy reading and playing piano in my free time, but have to work hard to get good grades in math. In conclusion everyone’s brains work differently, and when I’m playing piano mine feels energized almost like it is getting a work out, I feel like I’m in my own world and it doesn’t matter how many people are around me or singing or playing another instrument, my brain will always respond positively to music.”


8th Grade


400 600 creative pursuits-drama“Every teacher in the performing arts has passion, generosity, and a spark of imagination. Nothing is better than knowing that your teachers will do anything for you to succeed not only as a actress/actor, but as a person too. When I walk into drama class I know that when I walk out, I’d learned something from that class because there’s no drama class that I’ve ever regretted.

When I’m in class, I feel free and comfortable to express all my feelings and emotions. You’ll never find a better drama class then a drama class at The Village School.”

7th Grade

400 600 creative pursuits - chorale“Chorale is one of my favorite encores because we get to choose a variety of songs to sing during the school year. One of my favorite events during the school year is the spring show. I like this show because we get to sing the songs we practiced over and over again until it sounds perfect. We perform a variety of different songs for the show. Another reason the show is fun is because we are able to come together and perform the best that we can. In the past our show was based on Disney, earth conservation, and a number of other topics and places. I enjoy singing because it gives us time to focus on something a little different than math or science.”

age 13