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STEAM Curriculum

STEAM Curriculum

We are full STEAM ahead!

STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) has swept across the country and is being emphasized in school curriculums nationwide. In recent years, many states have granted time and money to fund STEM initiatives and both public and private schools have included more STEM education. It is with curious minds and the tools to learn and grow that improvements in manufacturing, new inventions, medicine, tools and so much more can occur.

Now, STEM has become STEAM, adding the A for ARTS, especially at The Village School. When many schools are cutting funding for things such as music, band, art, dance, and drama, at The Village School the arts are incorporated into the STEM education with an emphasis as important as all the technology. When you consider what it takes to read, play and understand music, the A in STEAM takes just as much brain function as does S, T, E and M.

Why does it matter?

Evidence that points to the importance of a curriculum rich in STEM and STEAM in the 21st century can be found in local, state and national publications. Read on to learn more…

  • Eliza Krigman writes in her article, Gaining STEAM: Teaching Science Through Art for US News and World Report, “Breaking down the walls between art, hard sciences and math, a new crop of educators is designing curricula that allow these subjects partner with one another, encouraging holistic learning.”