5th Grade STEAM Engineers- Building a Geometrocity
30 Jan

5th Grade STEAM Engineers- Building a Geometrocity

5th Grade STEAM Engineers- Building a Geometrocity

This past month our 5th grade students were able to complete a hands-on interactive STEAM project in class. They were given the task of working in pairs to create their own Geometrocity which would take utilizing their geometry, engineering and mapping skills to create their own mini city. Throughout the project students were tasked with various challenges and utilized components of social studies, math, writing, problem solving and some comprehension skills.

During this project students were able to create a city that uses 2D and 3D, practicing both plane and solid geometry. This project allowed our students to practice and apply learned skills in geometry while problem solving and making decisions based on their own knowledge, creativity, and imagination. Students were able to utilize many types of geometric concepts such as nets to create buildings and structures, designing parts of a city with shapes, lines, angles, and incorporating multiple skills at the same time to reach their objectives.

Overall this project was a great success and challenged our students to think and apply their learning in new fun ways. Check out some pictures of our students working:

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  1. Kathy Sweet - February 27, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    Our students are extremely fortunate to have teachers who collaborate with one another to make meaningful connections throughout the curriculum. Thank you for making learning fun!


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